Welcome to Vegas Open Face; THE source for everything relating to Open Face Chinese Poker in Las Vegas. For those in town for the 2014 WSOP of Poker and looking for OFC or OFC-Pineapple action, here you will find Room Reviews (including information about each room’s Open Face Chinese Rules), Articles about Rules & Strategy, as well as Pictures & Videos of Live Open Face Chinese Play, with Player Analysis. Check out Twitter for updated information on where OFC games are running. In general, the best places for OFC action besides Rio/WSOP is either at the Wynn or at the Palms, unless you are looking for nose-bleed action ($50+ per pt), in which case Bellagio is your best bet.

The most important point for those in town for the WSOP, and I cannot stress this enough – the rake at WSOP/Rio is $15 per 1/2hr, and that does not cover tip. The rake at Wynn/Palms is $10 per 1/2hr total,  including the dealer tip (the rake breaks down to $5 for the house per 1/2hr, and $5 for the dealer per 1/2hr). Further, the Wynn and the Palms are both far more willing to work with players if an issue arises with the rake (such as a player trying to leave at the new dealer but forced to play a Fantasyland hand). I know that the Rio’s convienience is a huge factor in their favor, but I cannot stress enough how much more player-friendly both the Wynn and the Palms are for OFC players. 

Recent Updates:

6/11 – Golden Nugget Summer 2014 Tournament Pictures (Review to Come)

6/11 – Wynn’s Fall 2013 Reviewed, with Pictures as well. 

6/10 – Another Addition to Epic Fouls!

12/28 – New post explaining a Variant called “Turbo” – the speed of Pineapple but for those who still want a 4-handed game!

12/28  Updated the “Looking to Play” Page so that it reflects that the Wynn is currently the best place to play $5-$10/pt OFC in Las Vegas.

12/11 – Created a new gallery – Epic Hands from Pocket Rockets Casino!

11/16 – Pineapple Throwdown between Open Face Odds and Vegas Open Face over at Pocket Rockets Casino! We breakdown one of the more memorable hands.

11/9Hall of Fame – Pineapple Updated w/ Two Sick Hands from the Wynn.

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