Pineapple Open Face Chinese

A bunch of people have asked me about “Pineapple Open Face Chinese”; they’ve either heard about it or seen the game being spread at Rio, and they want to know what exactly the rules are. Here’s what you need to know:

1) 3-handed max.

2) Dealt 5 as normal, and each player sets their hand in turn, just like normal Open Face.

3) Then, instead of being dealt one card at a time, a player is dealt 3 cards; they discard 1 and play 2. Then the next player is dealt 3 cards, and so forth. Thus, there are only 4 “streets” during the run-out from 5 to 13, as opposed to 8 streets in normal Open Face Play.

4) The discarded cards are not revealed.

5) Normal rules for entering FantasyLand apply; but there has been some chirping on twitter that the rules should be changed to make it harded.

6) For Fantasyland, you get 14 cards and discard 1. Boat in the middle will not qualify to stay in Fantasyland – only trips up top or Quads in the back.

My general thoughts are that it’s a fun variation, and definitely worth playing, but that some of the royalties probably need to be toned down -I’d recommend only allowing Fantasyland at AA+, and toning down the back royalties given the ease of making them in such a format. However, my hunch is that one of the main reason people like this format is that royalties are easier to make, thus making the game even more “gambooly”. Feel free to e-mail me with any thoughts or comments on this version.