Personal Thoughts on OFC Royalties Part II – The Actual Proposal

Back Sub-Hand:

Straight 2, Flush 4, Full House 6, Quads 10, Straight Flush 15, Royal Flush 25

Middle Sub-Hand:

NO BONUS FOR TRIPS, Straight 5, Flush 10, Full House 15, Quads 20, Straight Flush 30, Royal Flush 50.

Top Sub-Hand:

Pair of Twos to Sixes: 1 pt, Sevens 2, Eights 3, Nines 4, Tens 5, Jacks 6, Queens 7, Kings 9, Aces 13, Trips 20.

Fantasyland at QQ+ up top, with a 14-card fantasy land for AA or Trips. For 4-player games, I do acknowledge this requires either shuffling a card back into the deck or somehow the discarded card being played on a certain street, and would welcome suggestions on how to best make that work while still allowing the new standard of “player sets his FL away from the table” to be the way FL is played.

Shoot The Moon: 20 Point Royalty + you do not payout any points for being scooped (or losing 2 out of 3), if you successfully play Q-high or worse in the back and 8-high in the middle.

In the next few days I will be writing posts that address each of the proposed changes – the 0 pts for trips in the middle, the increased bonuses for Straight/Flush, the increased bonuses for middle hands in general, the small pair up top bonus, the increased bonus for Kings and Aces, and the shoot the moon bonus.

2 thoughts on “Personal Thoughts on OFC Royalties Part II – The Actual Proposal

  1. I like alot of your suggestions. Though alot of times I feel like flushes are easier to make than straights and straights should be worth more! Lol. Anyway, I dunno if you can do anything about it but the color scheme on this website makes it really hard to read. I want to read it on my iPhone but its so difficult. Also the font needs to be bigger.
    Another thing, in some parts of the country, people like to play open face w low in the middle, I was wondering how the royalties would work for that? My friend and I were saying wheel is 10 Pts, any other 7 is 5 Pts, 8 is 3.

    • Thanks for the comments on the fonts/colors. I’ll definitely make sure to make the font bigger and change the color scheme to make it more readable.

      As for the low royalties; I don’t play enough of the high-low-high split version to comment on what a good royalty system there would be. But you should try to have the system reflect how hard it is to achieve – so if you’re making a wheel the same as quads in the back or aces up top, it should occur as often – is that the case? How often does a 7-low occur in the middle; your system would reward it as in-between a flush and a full house in the middle.

      However, the one problem with awarding too big royalties for the middle hand is that, at least as far as I can tell, there isn’t not the same “risk” when you go for such a hand, because “going” for a 7-low in the middle isn’t going to put yourself at risk of fouling the way “going” for 9s up top or a flush in the back is. But the same is true for pairs up top in the high-low-high game, because if you’ve got a made hand in the back you can already go for a big pair up top without the fouling risk since the middle hand is a low hand.

      So I think a 10/5/3 breakdown is fine, but I also think you need to rethink the top hand royalties – I mean, if you’re dealt TT99, you can already play your hand to have a 4 pt royalty up top. Maybe start at 9s?

      I do confess to know very little, I didn’t even know people played open face under the high-low-high system. Damn mixed games people!

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