Guidelines for the Gallery:

I have no problem posting reader’s pictures of completed Open Face Chinese hands. However, I do ask that the following Guidelines are followed:

1) Live Hands Only – The whole point of Vegas Open Face is to focus on Live Gameplay. If there’s enough interest, I’ll create a separate gallery for hands from the App, but for now, the Gallery will remain dedicated to Live Hands Only.

2) Details Make The Story – You don’t have to tell me how much you were playing for (although it certainly makes the story more complete), but at least tell me where the hand took place and how many people were playing at the time, as well as anything else relevant or interesting about the hand.

3) Trolling – I mean, if you really want to send a picture of your Fantasyland monster, claim it was during normal gameplay, and have the cards arranged to support such a claim, I can’t stop you, but I’d love to know what you get from Trolling the gallery like that; it’s not like I give out a cash prize.

4) Unique, Different, or Self-Deprecating – Everyone gets a monster once in a while and takes a picture of it. I’m more intrigued (and more likely to post) pictures of disasters, or painful one-outers, or bizarre run-outs, because no one likes a bragger, but everyone loves someone who can laugh at his own demise or misery.

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