Hall of Fame – Pocket Rockets Casino

Readers of this blog have no doubt heard me talk about Pocket Rockets Casino (www.pocketrocketscasino.com), but just to make sure – PRC is a website that allows one to play regular OFC and pineapple OFC for Bitcoin without downloading any software. Of special note is that their Pineapple-OFC rules vary a little from what one would likely consider the “standard”. To get to FantasyLand, you need KK+ up top; Queens are not sufficient. However, the tougher qualifer comes with a bigger reward – the FantasyLand hand is 15 cards, not 14 cards as is the rule in most P-OFC games. Although this may not seem like a huge difference, nothing could be further from the truth.

To clarify – the difference between 14 card FL hands and 15 card FL hands is immense, collosal, and any other superlative one can think of for “huge”. 14-card FL’s on their own can be quite powerful, but the diference between 13 (regular-OFC) & 14 (common Pineapple-OFC) pales in comparison. Want proof? I’ve never gotten Trips up top in a 13-card FL. I’ve gotten Trips up top in a 14-card FL. I stopped counting how many times I got Trips up top in the 15-card FL at PRC.

But let me show you rather than tell you. The gallery below contains the my most epic hands at PRC. The best I’ve ever done in 13 or 14 card FLs was Quads/Quads or Trips/Trips/Trips. These hands destroy those. Whether or not 15-card FL is a good rule is certainly an interesting disucssion – but for now, just enjoy the gallery.

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