Looking to Play?

We here at Vegas Open Face pride ourselves on being the source for everything related to Open Face Chinese in Las Vegas – that’s why we’ve got plenty of Open Face Chinese material for you to check out – videos, commentary, strategy posts and the like. That said, we want to make sure that we fully answer the most basic question – “Where’s the Best Place to Play?”

For those looking for Open Face Chinese in Las Vegas:

$5-10/pt: The Wynn is by far and away your best bet. The Wynn will run an OFC game as long as they have a table and a dealer to spare. Occassionally the room is packed such that they will be unable to spread a game, but they are very honest when that is the case – they will explain that they simply don’t have the dealers/tables to spare and give a best guess as to when they forsee an opportunity to spread the game. But most of the time, they will gladly spread the game, for a rake of $5+$5 per 1/2 hour; $5 for the house and $5 for the dealer each per player. This is the rake regardless of whether the game is $5/pt or $10/pt. Orleans is also a good option – they have the same rake structure and the same willingess to run a game.

I pick the Wynn over the Orleans for 2 reasons – first, the location on the strip makes it far more convienient for most people, and second, the poker room has far more foot traffic than the Orleans does, meaning there is a far more likely chance that a passerby or another poker player will see the game and want to join. Orleans is not a bad choice, it’s just not the best choice in my opinion.

$20-$250/pt: Bellagio has had games 2 or 3 times a week somewhere within these stakes.

Nosebleeds (Anywhere from $500 to $5,000/pt): As of December, I would say that a Nosebleed game runs once a week at Aria. 

Updated: 12/28/2013

2 thoughts on “Looking to Play?

  1. Coming to Vegas next Friday-Monday (27-30), are there any OFC Tournaments? Where are the games running now, haven’t seen any updates on your site. Please shoot me an email. Thanks, B

  2. Best place right now is the Wynn. We had a game going last night and may very well have a game go tonight (28th). Sorry I didn’t contact you sooner. Shoot me an e-mail (VegasOpenFace@gmail.com)

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