Q: So what are the Royalties for Open Face Chinese?

A: Depends who you ask! As of now, there is no one definitive Royalty structure. I have seen at least four different Royalty guidelines used by various poker rooms in Las Vegas, and some rooms do not have one definitive set, but rather defer to the players who started the game that day. Listed below is what I believe to be the most commonly found Royalty guide. The same structure can be found on a printable PDF file in the “Downloads” section so that you can print out the structure sheet and take it with you when you go play Open Face Chinese. However, do not assume that what might be the “industry standard” is used in a particular room. Before playing in any room, make sure you ask what is the Royalty structure being used. Do not assume that the following (or whatever different system you have used before) is the exact Royalty rule-set used at any one room! Finally, remember that Royalties are in addition to Basic Scoring (which, unlike Royalties, almost universally follow the 1-6 scoring system that is outlined at the very bottom).

Back Sub-Hand Royalties:

Straight: 2
Flush: 4
Full House: 6
Four of a Kind: 10
Straight Flush: 15
Royal Flush: 25

Middle Sub-Hand Royalties:

3 of a Kind: 2
Straight: 4
Flush: 8
Full House: 12
Four of a Kind: 20
Straight Flush: 30
Royal Flush: 50

Top Sub-Hand Royalties:

Pair of 6s: 1
Pair of 7s: 2
Pair of 8s: 3
Pair of 9s: 4
Pair of Ts: 5
Pair of Js: 6
Pair of Qs: 7
Pair of Ks: 8
Pair of As: 9
3 Of a Kind: 20

Basic Hand Comparison (1-6 Scoring):

Win a Sub-Hand vs. an Opponent: 1 point (so 2 out of 3 nets 1 point total)
Win all 3 Sub-Hands (“Scoop”) vs. an Opponent: 3 point bonus 


As noted earlier, the aforementioned royalty structure is also available in a printer-friendly PDF file in the “Downloads” section.

Also, I am in the process of collecting and posting Royalty structures for each room in Las Vegas; those that I already have can be found in the “Downloads” section.

Finally, I have personally created a slightly modified royalty structure that I believe improves overall gameplay; it will be posted soon, and found in the “Downloads” section as well. A post explaining my rationale will be forthcoming soon as well, and will be found in “Rule Variants”.

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